In-home Vancouver Cat Sitting

Are you looking for someone to mind your feline friend in your home while you are away on vacation?  Do you want to save your cat the stress of adjusting to a new place for a short time?  Would you prefer to have only one person caring for your cat and your home?

Meow Minder Cat Sitting services the southwest side of Vancouver, providing trustworthy cat sitting for a few clients at a time.  Whether your cat needs one or two in-home visits per day, I will mind your kitty with love and care.

Meow Minder Cat Sitting ensures that your cat is cared for by the same person the entire time you are away.  This is particularly important for cats who are not comfortable with new people in their environment or who perhaps have had few cat caregivers.

Whether you are going away for a weekend or an extended holiday, your feline friend deserves to be minded by someone who will spoil them like their own.  In addition to basic needs such as feeding and litter care, your kitty will have the love and attention they deserve.

Prior to your initial booking we will  arrange a free consultation in your home.  This give us an opportunity to meet, to discuss your cat’s requirements, and to answer any questions about the cat sitting service.

Brenda Carson

Email:    or   Call: 604-970-4042

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"Dogs have owners, cats have staff."