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Visiting my buddy Jack

Visiting my buddy Jack

I am a teacher-librarian in the public school system.  Cat sitting is my part-time business during both the summer and the school year.  I only take on a few clients at a time, giving me the time to focus on your cat’s needs.

Being a Vancouver cat sitter allows me to combine previous business experience with my love of cats.  To provide us both with peace of mind, I am bonded and insured, and certified in pet first aid.

Cats have been an important part of my family since  childhood.  They have taught me to laugh in tough times, to enjoy small sunlit corners and to take time for afternoon naps.

As a cat parent for more than 40 years, I know what it is like to trust someone with caring for your feline friend.  My cats have always been happier staying at home with someone coming in to visit them.  In turn, I’m pleased to offer my Vancouver cat sitting service to you and your kitty.Canadian Pet Pro Insurance

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